A beginning

While I’ve never been huge into New Years’ resolutions (for about five years in high school and college my resolution was to be more organzied—I’m still thriving in disorganized chaos), I decided to make 2018 the year to do something that I’ve been dreaming about and putting off for quite some time, that being starting this very blog.

I do not want to set my expectations too high. As of now, this is a place where I can write about anything that I want. A creative outlet, if you will. If anything more comes out of it along the way, I’ll be thrilled; if not, then that’s okay too.

I just know that if I never did this, I’d always have it looming in the back of my head.

With that being said, I cannot promise you anything in regards to what this blog may be or where it may take you. The things I am interested in range from academia and current events to children’s books and the color yellow. I’m not sure I fit into a niche, but time may only tell. The one thing I am planning for is to have this adventure mirror myself and my likings as close as possible.

Stick around if you’d like – there’ll be more to come. Cheers.

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