Discovering Your Staple Fall Boots

Discovering Your Staple Fall BootsPin It

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Discovering your staple fall boots can seem like an overwhelming task; with a plethora of styles, colors, materials and trends to weed through, it is easy to get caught up scrolling page after page. Eventually, you give up on account of simply having too many choices. I’m here to make that process seem a little less daunting. Below you will find my essential boot categories that explain what the style is, why I see it as a value to have in your closet, and a few of my favorite options for that particular style.

The boot that goes with every outfit. The bootie plays well with anything it is paired with: jeans and sweaters, business casual, leggings and hoodies…the list goes on.

My staple, black, faux-leather bootie this year is this pair from ASOS. With not too high of a heel, I can rock these for a casual, Saturday morning coffee run or between the hours of 9-5. In regards to making your own bootie selection, I’d recommend getting one basic pair without a heel for everyday wear and one with either a heel or that makes more of a statement.


Sock Boot
This style of boot undoubtedly took me the longest to get on board with, but once I did, I never looked back. I love that sock boots can be tucked under a slim-fit jean or pant or with bare legs and a skirt on warmer fall days.

This pair is currently on my wish list (and are 20% off)! I’m thinking these will be a nice holiday gift to myself.


Ah, the lace-up boot, more commonly viewed as the combat boot. This style and I go way back, to when I was just a 13-year-old alternative, punk rock wannabee. The combat boot and I have been in a loving relationship ever since, even if my style has changed quite a bit since then (for the better).

The ultimate lace-up boot that is on my wish list this year is the cult classic Doc Marten. While a bit chunky and heavy looking, I feel like this boot is such a classic that will bring together so many outfits for me. Plus, I love mixing trends and styles with one another, so adding this more grunge boot will dial down a more polished look or go great with a dress, tights and chunky cardigan for late in the season. I’m leaning between this pair as well as these.


The tall boot is typically what first pops into your mind when you hear the word “boot.” It also the style that many people were introduced to first in regards to boots.

You may often hear the tall boot also referred to as the riding boot—essentially these two are the same, but the riding boot more often features a full length zipper on the rear of the boot and also may feature a high cuff at the top of the boot on the outside-facing side.

No matter what style of tall boot you’d like to incorporate into your wardrobe, I’d say this is a style of boot that will work for anyone and is the most pleasing for a wide range of people and various styles. Based on what the tall boot is paired with—under long skirts, over fitted jeans, with high socks and leggings—they can work with any style, leaning preppy, bohemian, minimalist or everyday classic.

These are my tall boot picks of the year. I mean, can Sam Edelman do any shoe wrong? If you’re looking to splurge on one staple pair that you’ll have for years, check out these.


Over The Knee
The boot that has taken over the world. Only kidding, kind of. No matter the color or the outfit, over the knee boots can make your look ten times more put together in a matter of two zippers (and ties at the top if you’ve scored the right pair). My favorite ways to wear this style are with skirts in bare legs toward the beginning of fall, and with an oversized sweater and tights come those chillier November mornings.

If you’re on the taller side like me (I’m 5’9” for reference), you may have better luck with boots labeled as thigh high, as those typically hit me where an OTK pair normally should.

If you’re looking to add one pair to your collection, I’d go with a flat bottom OTK boot like these. With no heel to worry about, you’ll have no hesitation reaching for them more often since you can walk in them easily! If you’re like me and need multiple options…well, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to my flat, black OTK boots, I think a pair with a nice heel is great to have as well to dress up a look or to add some extra length to your legs. I bought these from the Nordstrom anniversary sale this summer and they have the perfect block heel for everyday wear.


I hope you found this guide helpful in your search for discovering your staple fall boots! Autumn is my favorite season for multiple reasons. Boots are just one of the things that make my heart happy when dressing everyday for this season. Let me know your favorite boot styles in the comments, and be sure to keep your eye out on my Instagram for how I incorporate various boot style into my wardrobe this season! Of course, you can shop all of my favorites right here on the blog as well.


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