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Buying into the idea that pink just wasn’t my color is one of the biggest regrets I hold in my personal style history.

I used to think that pink was too girly, too feminine, too frilly for my style. What even was my style? I hate that question. “How would you describe your style?” If you asked me that back in my high school days, I probably would’ve said, “Urban Outfitters advertisement.” I’m kidding, but I did put that store on an unnecessarily high pedestal. If you asked me that same question tomorrow, I likely still would not have a straight answer for you, and that is because I’m still figuring out what I do and don’t like.

Many people say that as you get older, your style will likely change and evolve. I agree with that notion, but have a little something to add. As you get older, I think it is so important to allow yourself to try new things that you were once too nervous about trying out of fear that it didn’t fit in with the rest of your closet. In social media terms, maybe you didn’t or don’t want to wear something and try out a trend because it doesn’t flow with the rest of your feed.

Stop right there, and unsubscribe from those thoughts right now.

Don’t believe that little, nagging voice in the back of your head saying “But you’ve never been a pink person…why are you even considering that as an option? Put that back on the rack (even though you find yourself drawn to the item).” That was my personal inner voice, sub out pink for any color or trend that you thought wasn’t “you” in the past.

That voice is a lie and is keeping you from exploring new styles, colors, trends, hair colors— anything and everything you’ve maybe wanted to try but instead tuned into that voice for just a little too long.

Branching out from what I once thought was “my style” (all black and all grey everything basically) was the best decision I ever made. I’ve never felt more like myself than I do now, donning peach-colored hair, mismatching prints and colors that can be seen from outer space.

I constantly thought about what other people were thinking of me growing up; what did they think of my outfit? Is something wrong with my makeup? Should I be wearing things more like what everyone else is wearing? I thought about my weight and jean size everyday. I compared myself to other people, even before the craze of social media hit. You may not have ever known this about me when I was younger, and that is because I always tried my absolute hardest to be confident in myself and express myself in whatever way I saw fit. Eventually, telling myself that I was my own person and that what I wear can be absolutely whatever I want clicked. It started to just be natural. Somewhere in my college years, I began to branch out from my regular style and wear what made me happy. It can be that simple.

So to that I say, embrace your changes. Allow change, new thoughts and perspectives to flow right into your life, even when it comes to your personal style.

Much of the time, I’m inspired by 1970’s fashion and bright colors. But some days I want to wear tweed. Some days I want to rock a structured pantsuit. Crazily enough, all of this is allowed! By no means are we supposed to place ourselves in a certain category of style that we must adhere to day in and day out.

When I wake up in the morning and sit down to decide how I’m going to paint my face for that day, I smile when I see pink strands of hair dangling down from my ponytail. I’m consistently excited to play with color, whether that be in the form of eyeshadow or with a pair of tights.

To be blunt, just do and wear what makes you feel good on a daily basis. Whether that is mixing in a few new colors to your closet or encapsulating that black-and-white-only, french girl style, it doesn’t matter. What makes you excited to step outside and face the day is always the right choice.

Embrace your changes, humans.



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