Frugal Girls’ Guide to Fall Decor

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Frugal Girls’ Guide to Fall Decor

October at last. It’s like one giant sigh of relief. This is undeniably my favorite time of year, and has been for as long as I can remember. The fashion, the change in surroundings, shift in people’s attitudes, and of course—the home decor, right? Pumpkins…pumpkins everywhere.

I think after attending college in Northern Vermont, the season of fall is something I have come to appreciate even more. My heart belongs to October’s colors, temperatures, moods and overall essence. Fall is often often the shortest season of the year for us in Massachusetts, with October capturing most of its beauty. I am lucky year after year to experience New England Octobers.

Living on Cape Cod, I embrace every chance I get to avoid coastal themes and trends. It takes up so much of my life already that I like my home to be my bohemian escape. I employ a more rustic feel and try to mix varying tones of similar colors to bring the house together. When it comes to changing up the decorations in relation to the seasons or holidays, I like to switch up a few small pieces that still can change the entire mood of your space.

Thus I bring to you the frugal girls’ guide to fall decor. The key to being able to re-decorate your space each season while staying on a budget is to keep your main furniture neutral and swap out accessories based on the time of year. We have pale grey couches and washed out blue walls in our living room that I highlight differently in say summer versus fall. In the warmer months, I focus on neutrals, adding taupes and weathered whites into the mix, whereas for fall I like to add in oranges, reds and mustard yellows to bring in the season’s warm tones.

That being said, the three accessory elements I typically switch out based upon the season are candles, throw pillows and blankets and small decor pieces. These categories consist of small enough pieces that won’t hurt your wallet yet are just visible enough to make a statement.


I am absolutely that person who runs through an entire candle in under 36 hours. The moment I step in the door, I light at least three candles all around our house. To me it just feels so much more inviting and cozy, especially around this time of year. It also doesn’t hurt to mask the fact that we have two dogs and a cat who are a major presence in our home! Cue the constant tumbleweeds. Candles are a great, affordable way to capture any season’s essence on a moment’s notice.


Throw pillows are the accent pieces that guests are most likely to notice upon entering your space. Against a neutral couch or chair, earthy tones put out a more calm feeling, while yellows and oranges give off an upbeat, warm sensation. For this year’s fall season, I chose to accent my couch with burnt orange and mustard pillows, all of which have different textures. If you’re like me and not wanting to adhere to a matchy-matchy layout, try pillows of different shapes, patterns and fabrics, but within similar color families, such as warm tones or cool tones.


I try to refrain from turning the heat on until at least November, so cozy blankets are a necessity for me, as I am known to be frigid 24/7. Not only are blankets lovely to have in approaching colder temperatures, but they also serve as that one extra accent you didn’t know you needed. Draped over a loveseat or piled in a basket, they can offer a pop of color or pattern to an otherwise neutral space. Plus, little accessories are great to incorporate to your mantle or coffee table as finishing touches—shop some of my favorites below.


Finally, the finishing touch to any fall decor showcase is a thing or two for your front door, steps or stoop. As far as the flowers and pumpkins in my picture, obviously I cannot link those finds! I got the Orange Mums and both the orange and white sugar pumpkin from a local farm stand at the end of my street—typically pumpkins are priced by the pound for reference, and are very affordable. I’m looking to get a few more this weekend to fill up more space. I’ve also heard that Trader Joe’s has a great pumpkin selection! I hope this frugal girls’ guide to fall decor can help you spruce up your own space without burning half your paycheck on orange accents. Happy picking and happy decorating.


PS. I absolutely fell in love with this dress the moment I put it on. Granted I adore a high neckline on just about any piece, but that is beside the point. This piece from Cupcakes and Cashmere would be perfect for any fall outing, Thanksgiving dinner or just because! I am currently renting mine through Rent The Runway and I am highly considering buying it so I can wear it one thousand times more. While I styled it with these Steve Madden over the knee boots, it would also work well with booties (love these) or even flats for a more low-key vibe. Also, if anyone is curious, the lip color I am wearing is the Victoria Matte Liquid Lipstick by Kylie Cosmetics.

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