Living a Creative Life

Eat Pray Love was extremely difficult for me to get through. One or two factors may have contributed to this: One, I tried to read the book in high school for a literary report, which never seemed to turn out well for me. I ended up watching the movie and falling asleep halfway through the India segment. Two, she herself says that many critics did not like her book due to the fact that she did not write the book for readers’ sake; she wrote it for herself.

That being said, I was hesitant to pick up one of her more recent bestsellers, titled Big Magic. But, the idea of learning about how to live your most creative life intrigued me. Also, the cover is mesmerizing.

As said before, Big Magic is all about seizing your opportunities and living your most creative life. She writes that people cannot simply be “not creative,” but rather have not yet tapped into their potential or have not been listening for their inner genius.

While I don’t necessarily agree with her notion that inspiration travels in magical waves from one person to the next, one passage of her book did strike me more so than the rest. Elizabeth writes that one of her neighbors has more tattoos than she can count. When Elizabeth inquired about the tattoos, the woman says that she sees no harm in getting all of these tattoos, especially since it is all just temporary.

No, liz. my tattoos are permanent; it’s just my body that’s temporary. So is yours. we’re only here on earth for a short while, so i decided a long time ago that i wanted to decorate myself as playfully as i can, while i still have time.

This, This is what resonated with me. Our lives here on this earth are anything but infinite. We can never know how much time we are given, so why not use it to be exactly who you want to be. I’m not saying that you are required to go out and cover yourself with tattoos or dye your hair pink (both of which I have done)—what I’m saying, what Liz is describing and what this woman is living is the notion that in your finite time here, make the absolute best of it. Be yourself, unapologetically. You don’t need any kind of permission slip to be who you are or to do as you wish.

I can’t tell you how many times people have told me that my tattoos are unprofessional or that putting color in my hair will result in people not taking me seriously. I don’t care.

And I’m not trying to say that in a condescending or talking back to you sort of way. Precisely the opposite in fact. I’m saying that I will do what I want with my life in the most creative ways I’d like to showcase, and one person or a hundred people’s opinions are not going to stop me. It shouldn’t stop you either.


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