You Are Where You Need To Be

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Manifesting your dreams in your twenties. That’s what we’re diving into today.

One of my favorite podcasts that was recommended to me by a friend is Almost 30 with Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik. These women tell it like it is and always seem extremely relatable, which is often hard to come by in today’s constant highlight reel of social media. While listening to a few of the more recent podcasts, I’ve noticed a trend amongst the advice the shows’ guests have to offer. Typically entrepreneurs, what a large portion of them have to say is this: you are where you are for a reason. Where you need to be and what you need to be focusing on is the present.

This advice has given me so much reassurance, and I’d like to share with you why.

I can without hesitation tell you that where I am right now is not going to be where I am in six months, with both my 9-5 and My Blank Paige. Every single day I tell myself that I am going to be successful in what I truly want to be doing, and if that means picking up skills along the way on various side streets, then so be it. These skills, in my case, have been acquired at all the stops I’ve made in my journey as a young professional navigating this social media soaked world. The stops are different jobs or tasks I’ve been placed with that didn’t always fulfill me creatively. While they weren’t my best stops, they also weren’t my final stops. But I know they will help move me in the direction I need to be going, because I know I will get there. It will become reality.

Many call this way of thinking manifesting. I don’t have too much formal education on this topic, but I am extremely thrilled with how it makes me feel. From what I understand, manifesting is declaring who you are to your own self, along with using your thoughts as truth, therefore becoming reality and materializing in the real world. Whether or not you refer to it by that term or believe in the notion of manifesting, I encourage you to trust the process of believing in yourself and continuously working and pushing yourself toward a goal; you can get there. Stop comparing, stop doubting and just do. Write, create, apply for that out of reach job, just start somewhere.

The road has not been paved smoothly since adhering to this notion for me, and it won’t be moving forward either. There’s going to be bumps, road blocks, detours to anything you want, to anything you need to work hard toward achieving. There’s going to be freaking mountains you have to climb over to get to where you want to be sometimes, and that’s okay. Sometimes it sucks, and sometimes you feel like you’re at a low point and are not sure you should endure more mountains. Push those thoughts away. Leap over them, in fact. Keep going. Push back harder against whatever is standing in your way and let that roadblock know that your passion for whatever you’re doing is bigger than it.

Sometimes you’re not even entirely sure what you want to do. That’s fine too. But don’t keep waiting for the weekend, next month, the next year or for some kind of sign. If you want to pursue something and are ready to take charge, go for it. I continue to work my 9-5 job while spending a large chunk of my spare time working on the dream I have for My Blank Paige. I do not have any intention of sitting behind a desk for the rest of my life between the hours of 9AM and 5PM. It is just not for me. But right now, I am gaining valuable skills that I will be able to apply somewhere down the road, and that is where I need to be. I am getting a paycheck every two weeks that allows me to grow this blog and this dream that I know will become my reality so long as I work my ass off and remain true to myself and what I’m working toward.

I know this might sound like a lot to take in. But just know this: If you believe in yourself, other people around you will see that confidence, desire and passion. When you believe in the work that you are doing and enjoy doing it, true magic can happen. [See Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and my thoughts on that as well.]

I rarely ever get 8 hours of sleep, but I am so inspired to work toward this dream I have of connecting with other creators through emerging media and serving my readers and followers as an inspiration for a creative and vibrant lifestyle that isn’t impossible to achieve. My Blank Paige is about more than just living each day to the fullest and dressing to feel good and confident—it’s about taking the vast unknown of the future and looking toward it with curiosity rather than fear.

This post was as much for you all as it was for me, and I promise that being positive about the scary, open void of the future can help you realize all of the things you are capable of grasping.

That being said, do not fret that where you are right now is not your dream. Work hard, believe in yourself and just do more of what makes you happy. I apologize for the cliché, but life is really too short to do anything but.


P.S. Let me know your thoughts on manifesting in the comments!






  1. Cheryl aka Mum

    I just read this tonight. And you are truly where you need to be and as your mother I am so proud of you and you inspire me to be Where I want to be!

    • myblankpaigeBlogger

      Thank you Mum! I love your support for all of my creative endeavors.

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