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As of recent, podcasts have become my favorite things to listen to when I’d rather listen to an interesting conversation or story than say a full audiobook. You have the freedom to digest just one episode on the short leg of your travel or tune into an entire series on an extended trip, whether in one day or week by week.

Some of my favorite podcasts release a new episode once a week, particularly the conversational comedian-hosted ones. I’m a nerd and love having multiple new episodes to look forward to. If comedy or conservational bits aren’t your thing, I’ve listened to a few great crime and mystery podcasts as well! Here’s a handful of what I have and what I continue to listen to…

1. Almost 30 | Lindsey Simcik and Krista Williams totally kill it with Almost 30. It quickly became one of my favorite podcasts after a friend and colleague suggested it to me (love you work wife Madeline.) Inspired by making the transition from their 20’s to their 30’s Simcik and Williams cover everything from entrepreneurship, female empowerment and self-development to astrology, health, and wellness. I love that both hosts share some of their own personal struggles when navigating their twenties. Plus, they always have fantastic guests on their show that offer insights into various industries and walks of life. I wrote more about one of my favorite episodes from this podcast on this blog post! Listen if you like…conversational, wellness, advice. 

2. STown | From the same producers of Serial and This American Life, STown is an incredible story about the smallest of towns in Alabama with mysteries, treasures and unsolved crimes that no one could make up. Listening to this podcast at my desk at work would always be an issue. I’d end up getting distracted and be in a trance listening to the story. Listen if you like…mystery, story-telling, series.

3. Missing Richard Simmons | Sam and I listened to this one straight through on road trip from Albuquerque to Austin last year! The beauty in this one is just how random it is. When is the last time you thought about the whereabouts of fitness star Richard Simmons? The narrators also kept up my interest because you could feel their fascination with the topic in their story-telling. Listen if you like…story-telling, quirky interest pieces, series.   

4. Serial | Serial is more of a serious, investigative journalism podcast. The first season became extremely popular, and the series later released two more seasons with new crimes, stories and investigations. If you went suspense and are ready to be left with more questions when the episode is over versus before it began, look no further. Remember, Serial stories are all true. Listen if you’re intrigued about what goes on behind the crime scene and news desk.

5. Congratulations with Chris D’Elia | Chris D’Elia is a comedian I have been super into these past few years, and for the simple reason that he is a riot. He pokes fun at millenials, drunk girls, rappers on twitter and even himself. If you enjoy other comedy podcasts or just stand-up comedy in general, I promise you won’t be disappointed in Congratulations. It’s time for you to become a true baby. (You’ll understand once you listen to the podcast). Listen if you like…comedy, conversational, current events.

6. Couples Therapy with Candice + Casey | I started following Casey Neistat’s youtube channel during college, and he is an incredible all-around creator. Him and his wife, Candice are absolutely hysterical. They’ve been through years of break-ups, make-ups and now two children together. In the show, they talk about problems they experience in their marriage, friendship and lives in the spotlight. The best part is that they present themselves as super relatable and real people, despite Casey’s internet and technology success, as well as Candice’s two companies, Love Billy and Finn Jewelry. While they aren’t consistent with uploading, I always listen to their episodes as soon as they come out. This is one of my favorite podcasts because it’s like chatting with two friends in the same room as you. Listen if you like…conversational, new media, advice.

7. This American Life | Honestly, a classic podcast that has something for everyone. The producers put together a theme each week and curate a variety of stories based upon that very theme. What makes this one of my favorite podcasts is the attention to detail within each story, and more so the focus on the people and characters being described. The stories’ words are fluid and to the point. You know exactly what you are there for: to hear a story with purpose or meaning. Listen if you like…current events, educational, story-telling. 

I hope this list gave some of you ideas on what to listen to next! I listen to all of my podcasts through Apple Podcasts, but linked the website for each one so you can listen through your computer or on your phone from the direct podcast website.

Let me know what your favorite podcasts are and what I should listen to next!




  1. Mackenzie Newcomb

    I LOVE this American Life. You should also checkout Endless Thread (a Reddit inspired podcast) if you like that. It’s really fun/conversational.

    • myblankpaigeBlogger

      Ah I definitely will! Reddit is my second home as well, it is seriously crazy how many niche communities there are.

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