New Year Intentions for 2019

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Happy New Year everyone! While 2018 was filled with many incredible moments and adventures for me, I am thrilled to start the new year and refresh my life with a blank page. Sorry, I had to do it. Even though today is just another Tuesday, the idea of a new year, new month and a new mindset is something I cannot pass up.

Quality Over Quantity

I can’t deny that there was once a time in my life when I liked to try every new trend, no matter if I likely wouldn’t wear it more than twice. So over that. Not only am I sick of my closet overflowing with pieces I’ve held onto for far too long, but I’d definitely like to sustain a more environmentally friendly closet in the new year. This means less fast fashion and more quality, timeless pieces that I can consistently coordinate into my wardrobe. Of course, a colorful splurge here and there will be necessary for my sanity! Nonetheless, my saving grace will likely be my unlimited membership to Rent the Runway. I can still get my designer, trendy, statement pieces for a great cost, rotating in and out of my closet on a monthly basis. Plus, 2019 will hold much more thrift shopping! More to come on that on My Blank Paige.

Read More, Screen Less

Even though being in front of screen for an ungodly amount of hours per day is part of my job, I’d still like to make better use of my free time in 2019 by picking up a book rather than constantly reaching my phone. I can remember devouring series and itching to get my hands on more books when I was a teenager and I’d love to get back to that place. That being said, in 2019 I will be challenging myself to read 50 books as part of the #BadBitchBookClub! If you haven’t already heard me talk about this, the Bad Bitch Book Club is a virtual book club started by fellow blogger and Marshfield native Mackenzie Newcomb of Mack In Style. We vote on one book each month and after reading, chat about the selection and participate in discussion questions via Facebook. This group undoubtedly reignited my reading spark and I can’t wait to start the first book of 2019, Michelle Obama’s memoir, Becoming.

Travel to Two New Destinations

While more travel is always on my new year to-do list, this year I’m making things more specific. In 2019 I will not just visit new places, but travel to at least two destinations. By destinations, I mean it should be at least out of New England, where I’m currently situated. Sam (my boyfriend if you’re new around here) and I already have a European getaway in the works for late April of 2019 and I’m already dreaming of the sights, sounds and architecture. I’ll reveal on the blog specifically where we are going once we finalize everything! Aside from this trip, I’d love to be able to visit Canada next fall to attend the Banff Mountain Film Festival, a goal of mine since college.

Nourish My Body

Since around the age of 15, my mind has been in a constant battle with what I see in the mirror. For years and even to this day, I’d stare at myself and wonder what it’d be like to be thinner, to have a body that others lust, to be able to always say no to dessert. As I get older, I realize more and more that the shape and contours of my body are mere physical traits. Physical traits should be celebrated for their hard work, moving my body day in and day out, rather than denounced for not being firm or flat. In 2019 I will celebrate every aspect of being me. (Be confident in yourself! Even if you trick yourself into it, other people will notice and you will glow.) One aspect of this intention starts with less junk going into my body; not to lose weight or diet, but to feel better and energize myself. For the month of January I will be following Whole30 with a few friends and I cannot wait to see how my relationship with food changes, as well as how my body feels and my skin looks. Leaving acne behind in 2018.

Challenge Myself More

This one is more of a vague, overall statement that I hope to apply to everything I do in 2019. I want to write more for this blog, challenging myself to at least post twice a week; step out of my comfort zone in front of and behind the camera (so excited to play with my new camera by the way, thanks mum and dad!). I will challenge myself in the field of graphic design. I will transition into more freelance work and eventually leave behind the traditional 9-5 that I’ve always known isn’t for me. I will challenge myself to take more spin classes because it is something that makes me feel alive and something I wish to practice, even teach someday. In 2019 I want to be in my comfort zone as little as possible and I encourage you to do the same.

Cheers Everyone, Happy New Year.

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