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I’d just like to open this post up by being honest. I may or may not have snuck down a private road to shoot this look…it was so worth it. Got to do what you need to get that golden hour lighting, am I right?

Now back to your regularly scheduled content:

If it isn’t already apparent, my favorite era to take inspiration from in fashion and overall aesthetic is the seventies. I love the color palettes, the silhouettes & styles of the pieces. Honestly, the feeling that is evoked when you look at any street style pictures from that time is so extraordinary. Everything is bright, yet hazy and so care-free. It’s almost like you get this sense of nostalgia for a time that you didn’t even exist in, if you know what I mean. Unless you did, in which case post throwback photos of your seventies style and tag me! While I’ve been into this kind of modern boho and seventies aesthetic for quite a bit now (and plan to be for…the rest of time?), this style is also super on trend right now and offers incredible personalization options for fall.

I picked up this floral number on sale from ASOS for under $20 and I fell in love the moment I saw those billowing sleeves. Everything about this dress screams meandering through a field in 1974 and I am all for it. That combined with these mustard yellow tights (that I officially am trying to incorporate into my weekly outfit rotation), this outfit describes my personality better than words often can: loud, colorful, upbeat and bohemian with added flair. Of course, I couldn’t stop the mismatching train there and added a pair of orange suede heels from H&M that sat in the back of my closet for far too long.

If you’re looking for more seventies fall fashion and inspiration, head over to my Pinterest! Scroll through the hundreds if not thousands of pins I saved dedicated to this decade’s best fashion moments. Seek inspiration, plan your next outfit or start thinking about halloween. You can also shop some of my more recent groovy finds under the Shop My Style tab of my blog!

What are your thoughts on seventies fall fashion and style? Do you enjoy taking notes for your own style from previous decades’ hits? I’d love to hear.

Xx Paige


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