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Hi friends! We’re in the midst of fall, pumpkin-spice is everywhere, temperatures have dipped, and you know what that means…it’s voting season! I know, mostly I only want to be thinking about the biggest possible scarf I can wear before I’m just going to work in a blanket, but there are more important things at hand. No, not how much cheetah print is too much, (NO SUCH THING), civic engagement! Stay with me and I promise there’s a video of a porcupine eating a pumpkin at the end.

Are you planning on voting this year? Let’s dig in:

I’m planning on voting, what more do you want from me?
Ok, that’s great, but your work isn’t done yet. Now you need to go out and spread the gospel. Let’s pyramid scheme this. You get three friends to vote, and tell them to get three friends to vote, and before you know it, we’re living in a civically-engaged paradise! Getting a friend to vote doesn’t need to mean convincing someone to go to the polls – it could mean talking to your 18-year-old cousin about what to expect at the voting booth, driving an elderly neighbor to the polls, or discussing the ballot measures with your friends. The bottom line is, be engaged.

Why should I care about voting?
I know politics seem (at best) boring, but here’s the truth: politics influence every single aspect of your life. From the cost of your cashmere sweater, to the number of sick days you get at work. Policies made by the people we vote into office control all of it. As Michelle Obama said, “You wouldn’t give your grandmother the power to decide what clothes you wear to the club. You wouldn’t give your crazy uncle the power to post a picture to your Instagram feed. So, why would you give a stranger the power to make far more important decisions in your life?” This is a democracy; yes, it is deeply flawed, but voting is one way to start mending those flaws. Do your research and vote for people who represent your interests and who are interested in creating the country you want to live in.

Some resources:
Out of the state? Here is your absentee ballot (MA)! 

There is still no federal law granting workers time off to vote (which is CRAZY) but there are some states that have legislation guaranteeing time off. Take a look here. 

Finally, Uber and Lyft are offering free rides to the poles!

Ok, as promised, here is Teddy the porcupine eating a tiny pumpkin. 

Happy voting!

Guest post for My Blank Paige written by Joanna Bennett. 

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